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Material of Land Experience Day at YSP Practical Project 705

Notation' Material of Land ' ink on paper with natural seed head brushes and sticks.


The project was a collaboration with YSP, National Art Education Archive, facilitators, a focus group from a sixth form college in Leeds and two artists. The majority of the event was a focus on the group's interaction with the workshop and the environment. Rachel Sedman provided the professional assistance in this specific area sound and notation.

The experience of working with artists, the environment and students was very insightful and rewarding for all concerned. It is a good way to interact with space and have ideas to discuss the personal interpretations of deep listening, reflection and sharing with the group.

Sound Cloud recordings connecting sound to the landscape and through notations

Working with a focus group, artist and walking in the landscape with connection to sculptures and natural spaces in the parklands of YSP.

Please go to this link to sample a couple of the 100 recordings that we obtained on the MOL at YSP on 12th June 2019

Available at Sound Cloud please use this the link below of the recordings which, last a few minutes per sample.

Examples of recording on 12th June 2019 for Material of Land.

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