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Art for purpose and planet

I have always thought that I had a kindred spirit somewhere, although I have had a spirit 'of making' in my everyday life as a designer, I needed to find a place to re-position it.

The uncomfortableness of the planets waste, consumerism and global climate emergency for me needs to be dealt with creativity and not passivity. A place for Art with a purpose for the planet

Understanding more about the ideas of changing the current art and presenting through curation has been the most significant message for me during my masters.

The new thoughts towards a curatorial position as an Eco-Centric curator. This has in part come to fruition during the latter stages of the project Material of Land.

Similarly reflected by the new thinking curators such as Alistair Hudson and the Grizedale Arts concepts that are filtering through into the consciousness via these larger organisations at the summit of the so-called art world, The Whitworth, The Manchester Gallery, Mima and the Turner Prize. This is not without criticisms but if perhaps on top of these ideas of community.

Youtube discussion about Alistair Hudson and his movement to work with people in urban areas about their lives and communities.

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