Exhibition at The Hepworth

Research Anthony McCall

Solid Light Works loved the display

The tricky business of editing the

Community Builder  a record of people in a community moving to a block of modern flats in the 1969.

Ideas for displaying images

Collection of images and documents research at the WYAS Morley

The Hunslet Estate 1969 Building

Archive of Circus Billboards displayed at Leeds Library

Climate Change - Environment 

Looking at the main framework for this module as connecting factors to the environment and the processes and people making a difference to this planet changing subject.

The local landscape, lines man-made marks and impressions into the landscape have been of significant since the beginning of civilisation and we continue affecting our planet using the land in the way we behave, cultivating, industrialising, using resources and population of the planet.




From the beginning of the project, it has been interesting as a project developing an understanding of the interplay between facts, memory, and thought and archival evidence. How do all these things become reflected in an archive presentation or pop up exhibition. It would be a question of creating a forum of information.

Where does it end we are representing the past in the present and what is the process to make it breathe!


It is therefore important to connect with people and have a good method of research and collecting information.

How do we carry forward the ideas and memories, facts that are real?   So yes, (the conditions of the buildings and living conditions are documented)  by capturing these at the moment, from that time, which will be a measured against memories in future time!  (Ault)

Encounters with people and memories from visiting an elderly person memory cafe, also through a visual presence on the internet using a Blog and researching in newspapers and journals about this period and the facts about the Hunslet Grange Estate in Leeds.

Secret Lives this is a collaboration with the Leeds Library, we were able to connect with them and through their contact reach more people.

Facts to consider is this a question of a changing culture the community of the Back to back houses to the housing estate, high rise, consumer lifestyle?


Stine Herbert, S & Szefer Karlsen A (2013) (Eds) Hordaland Art Cafe

Julie Ault Archive Recollection: Achieving Group Material, the reference by Paul Ricoeur to the' habitual memory' and our mental filing cabinet.

Researched the archives and film to present as an exhibition

Approach to community engagement by using the archive film to start our dialogue. Using a Blog and asking for evidence and experience or living in the Hunslet Grange Flats.


The process started to come together. We had made a call out through other platforms and engaged with the Leeds Library and community groups.

We did get some interesting responses and replies so, after digging deeper into the research, together with other research materials in place we chose how to display and animate the resources intersecting it with are interpretational ideas. The Exhibition was to have a public space and we opted to use the Studio Gallery Space in Leeds Arts University.

Featured projection of a film from 1969 - Community Builder onto a wall with archive material and interpretation supporting items.

This was eventually changed to a screen monitor because of the public access across the gallery space next to the print room at LAU.


The images are displayed in a studio, research room or office, documents are open on the table for perusal, cards to leave comments, maps, agendas, forms and newspaper clippings.  Large rolls of paper furl down the wall with black and white photographs of the building which are the center of the display alongside the monitor playing the film, an edited version of The Community Builder (1969).  A large display area of supporting evidence and to have the feel of the Search room in an archive.

The exhibition in the main gallery( Aggregate) was also running a close dialogue with ours, in the way that the items were openly displayed. There were several projections and photography, lots of archive material from the Edna Lumb collection. This is reported in my blog llink

The exhibition was displayed at the University, also  on their website we had several articles published in the Leeds area South Leeds Paper

Walkway © Ray Dickinson

The next stage of our project will be showing some of the archive materials, along with film clips and other information, to students and staff at the university. It will be interesting to see what issues this might raise for a younger audience and the parallels between situations past and present.

South Leeds Life would love to hear from our readers about their memories of Hunslet Grange. Were you there at the opening ceremony on 27 March 1968? Did you move from the old back-to-backs into a new flat? Did you play out as a child living on the estate?

Email your memories to us at, or to Gill and Louise at:

The Garden Memory Café takes place at Ingram Gardens Community Centre on the second Monday of the month, 12.30 – 2.30 pm. Contact Holbeck Elderly Aid for more information: (0113) 245 5553.