Working in collaboration with a poet, text words and image.

Oliver Lomax.

Poetic Memos - Landscape Poetry, sensitivity to the sounds, textures and emotion were so profound in this work, it links with my ideas of developing some footage around the poems.

Collaborating with artist Liz Churton and poet Oliver Lomax, our first meeting looking at some material, texts, books, and art works.

This is a line from one of his texts which I find very inspiring, linking land, place and time through the strong visual context in his language and ability to create images from the page with the spoken word.

Poetry by Oliver Lomax ......I cupped it in my hand

lifted it up from the law of the land

and held its pale sum, a loft to the debut of the morning sun...........

Here, go on then, take him'

this excommunication, this birth, this exhausted migration.

Working with the ideas of addressing places, land, climate, environmental change and the people that it affects.


And in that thunder clapping moment 

through the pick-up stick pines  

I saw a whisper, a fragment of life.

This is the series of poems by Oliver.



Explore, discuss, conversations and ideas

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - discover new ideas

Exhibitions recently visited for research included the fascinating and stunning work by Guiseppe Penone

Guiseppe says that the tree is the perfect sculpture as each part is essential to it being.

Common Ground Exhibition YSP at  the Bothy Gallery 


  Flit Text by Simon Armitage 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Language For The Landscape.

A collection of artwork inspired by the landscape set in a rural space in the heart of Yorkshire.

The artists work is stimulated by the landscape and they discuss some of their ideas about how the landscapes form, materials and meaning affects their work.

Ceramics depicting marks in the landscape. 

Poetry.. walking and talking more ideas.  Simon Armitage poetry reading - Flit to Common Ground using the arts to connect to place.

Simon Armitage poetry reading of FLIT.

This evening event at YSP was a chance to get into the ideas behind this book and discover some of the ways the writer uses and play with his text.

Words and readings connecting us to our landscape, and interesting discussion between presenter Helen Sear and founder member. Ideas with the organisation Common Ground and their inspirational approach which was to take art and creativity to everyone in the landscape 30 years ago.

Peter Randall Page, Sue King and Joss the new member of the Common Ground organisation recently given the position of taking over Common Ground and its archives.

Common Ground  - exploring the concept of place and reconnecting with nature and the environment around us.

Forestry Commission

Rachel Whiteread Nissan Hut Concrete Cast of a Nissan hut from the WWII.

An example of the movement to embrace more diverse meeting points for artists and audiences to engage with space and create conversations outside of the gallery.

This installation at Dalby Forest will be the starting point for the 14-18 NOW series of interventions with places and landscape in conjunction with the Forestry Commission and other arts and heritage sites in the UK this year.