Environment and Humans

The environment is our Future too!

The environment has become my main interest, as in encompasses many areas of our collective human responsibility.   The contemporary world and its fast use of the resources of the planet

Futures Now Sustainability lecture was given about new designs and products/processes relating to the environment, sustainability and change.


Curation  - the right for ecologies to survive and thrive in the current climate.

Curating and seeing the process, changing opinions and the awareness of how people engage through dialogue and not separateness, we are a community and we need to recognise the changing opinions from 'old colonialism' to the communities today.

Histories of the James Cook Voyages and talk by Ahilapalapa Rands 

The New Zealand artist presents The Oceanic Reading Room, shared histories and different viewpoints, discussions and film interviews with researcher and locals.

Excellent open discussions with a wonderful insight into the effects of colonialism in the Pacific Islands presented by the panel above, led by the artists

Ahilapalapa Rands second and director Dorcas on far right, her work colleagues from other Pacific islands also gave us a viewpoint of their experiences and working with different aspects of how it has affected their islands.

Awards and Recognition

Became a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England in 2018.

Kasia Molga’s  Human Sensor Project produced by Invisible Dust won the Oxygen Award at Respirations 2016 in Paris.

 Invisible Dust was one of two organisations in the UK to receive the Sustaining Excellence Award by the Wellcome Trust for our work and organisation of £450,000 2015-2018.

Alice Sharp, Invisible Dust Director won the Guardian  PEA  (People, Environment & Achievement) Arts Award 2014.