Louise Dwyer Jewellery
Artists practice, Making, creativity & relationship with the natural world

Louise makes handmade pieces.The NGalleries in Helmsley showcases her new work where she is happy to talk you about each piece for your personal jewellery needs or bespoke re-inventions all beautifully created at her studio.

Louise Dwyer 

Handmade Bespoke Contemporary Jewellery 

Louise's work is based and inspired by the land, nature, and my relationship with the natural world.   During her childhood, Louise was an avid collector and maker of many things and loved painting.  She chose a creative route, with a career after finishing a BA Arts degree in design, whilst running a contemporary craft gallery,  recently completing a Masters in Curation Practices.  Louise's work now involves all three strands of experience and skills and she enjoys the collaboration with artists, businesses, and the environment where she lives and works from her studio North Yorkshire.

Louise Dwyer Handmade gold rings on display at N Galleries, Barkers Yard, Helmsley, York

The making of handmade jewellery by Louise reflects her long interest in craft and design, and working with many different customers and artists over her career it is possible to discuss with her your specific needs. Also described on the gallery website there are possibilities of redetermining old jewellery or designing a new piece to suit your individual wishes.  



NGalleries, Helmsley, York

Where you can see Louise's jewellery and artworks by artists collective.

Re-inventing, Recreating and Refreshing are all part of my design processes


Interior Image of N Galleries Helmsley 

Lucy Saggars Photographer 

Working with the collective of artists and being part of the team alongside working as a curator, organising events has been a great start to 2020 for Louise.

Currently, six artists are working collectively exhibiting in North Yorkshire and offering workshops and events in 2022. They include Steve Williams, Louise Dwyer, Lucy Saggers, Jonathan Pomroy, Patrick Smith and Justine Warner.  The group of artists are all inspired by the local landscape and the natural phenomena of the countryside and the challenges it brings to rural life, wildlife and the environment.

Please follow the link for more information on the exhibitions and work that we are involved with during the coming months at   N.Galleries, Helmsley

Louise Dwyer Handmade gold rings on display at N Galleries, Barkers Yard, Helmsley, York 


Louise will be at Sheriff Hutton joining Patrick Smith at his studios and exhibitions spaces.  

June 4th & 5th, 11th and 12th 2022

North Yorkshire Open Studios: NYOS


Louise Dwyer Jewellery

Re-purpose, design and re-cycle precious metal, stones and create special jewellery.

NGalleries in the heart of the market town,  in a wonderful old stabling yard, pause and absorb the view with great surroundings opposite the castle, old market town roofline and visit the gallery. 

Please check for opening hours on the website. 

Louise has been working with artists previously at Nunnington Galleries for several exhibitions with artists in the collective; Jonathan Pomroy, Lucy Saggars, Patrick Smith, Phil Reynolds, Justine Warner, and Steve Williams and local ceramicists.